BORN TO DIE: The BUAV Exposes MSD Animal Health’s Routine Cruelty

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Often at the forefront of exposing the horrors of vivisection around the world, The BUAV has just published a brand new investigation, this time into MSD (Merck, Sharp and Dohme) Animal Health, a laboratory in Cambridgeshire, UK. Their findings, which the The Express broke this past Sunday morning¬†and was also published on the BUAV’s own site, uncover routine and legally-sanctioned cruelty happening to the most vulnerable of animals: babies. BUAV investigator “Susie” filmed puppies and kittens being injected with various medications, which MSD says it is required to test on young specimens.

The video evidence presented by the BUAV (embedded below) is worth watching in its entirety. At the laboratory, where the animals are used for animal vaccine experiments, they routinely undergo experiments which cause them varying levels of physical and psychological distress, before they are killed at a very young age (sometimes as young as 6 weeks old) and dissected. The footage of the dissections is certainly gruesome, though what is perhaps more grim is how rote and routine everything seems. This is not like some laboratory footage, where workers are clearly seen punching animals and other clear acts of condemnable cruelty. This footage simply shows the workers going about their brutal work in a mundane and fairly subdued fashion, which is no less disturbing.

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