CRATED CRUELTY: Mercy for Animals Canada Exposes the Veal Industry

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 5.02.53 PM

Since their emergence in a couple of years ago, Mercy For Animals Canada has been steadily putting out new investigations, and those investigations have recently been increasing in their frequency and the level of detail that they show. The latest MFAC investigation — into veal farming in the Canadian province of Quebec — is hard hitting, and worthy of wide attention.

The work centres on the operation of Délimax, a supplier to many large grocery chains across Canada, and the accompanying video (posted below) shows how calves are ripped from their mothers, beaten, kicked and brutalized into performing the most basic tasks like feeding, and when they can no longer sustain their meagre existence in a crate, they are shot crudely, taking long, excruciating minutes to actually die. Though it is not as “blood and guts” as many animal rights videos, it is very difficult to watch these young calves, new to the world, enduring such consistent abuse.

MFAC has a full investigation website up, and in addition to presenting their video footage, have a petition aimed at the Retail Council of Canada asking them to adopt a police against veal crates.