How Long Can We Keep Our Eyes Closed?: Finnish Fur Farms Exposed Once Again

Coming from Finland today, a new and stunning investigation into Finnish Fur Farms reveals that the more things supposedly “change”, the more things stay the same. Back in 2010, Oikeutta eläimille (whom you may remember from another posting of a call for support for their investigators) investigated 20 fur farms and publicly exposed the neglect, torment, and death of fur bearing animals. At that time, farmers and politicians said the situation would change. Now, in 2013, with a new investigation of 80 fur farms, the situation not only appears to have not changed, it seems to have gotten worse.

The video above shows, in stark terms, the truly horrendous impact of a life of captivity on fur bearing animals. Apart from the physical manifestations of captivity — gaping wounds that never heal, severed limbs from in-fighting by naturally solitary animals, eye and gum infections, prolapsed anuses, and the list goes on — there are the very clear psychological impacts that the animals bear. Even though we have seen this type of documentation before, the severity and gravity of the situation in Finland is immediately apparent.

Oikeutta eläimille activists previously insisted that the very notion of fur bearing animal captivity was wrong. Now, once again with even more documentation, instead of asking the politicians and fur farmers for more promises of change, they show us in plain terms why the very nature of fur farming makes “welfare” impossible. They are asking Finland’s parliament to help that country join many other European countries in a complete ban of fur farming. If you would like to help by signing the petition, you can use your Chrome browser to automatically translate the text and sign HERE.