VIDEO: Invisible Hands

In conjunction with an interview that we are publishing simultaneously, we are very proud to present the following video of a group of anonymous chicken liberators, edited together from footage of one of their actions. We initially received a submission of video and photos from a third party related to them some time back, and were so impressed with the particular quality of the work they were doing and the third party documentation that we decided to cut this together in the best way we could to present it to the public. What follows below is something one of a kind, a video of a group of liberators that is as clandestine and as intangible as a shadow made from the burst of a flashlight. We have titled this collection of work “Invisible Hands,” both in recognition of the of the secret and ego-less work that this group does, and also as a play on the economic theory of self-regulating marketplace behaviour.

Though it might seem somewhat ironic that such a group would be willing to have their work filmed at all, we believe that their insistence on remaining anonymous in every possible way — with no group name, no affiliation to other underground entities, no location information — actually points to some transformative possibilities in the way we think about clandestine AR work. We present this video with the knowledge that there may actually be (and we suspect there are) hundreds or thousands of such groups operating around the globe, completely under the radar of everyone, completely undocumented by any means. Perhaps as we post this, one such group is rescuing individuals from a similar operation, for no other reason than they know they can, and that their conscience does not allow them to not do it.